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The main infection routes for influenza are through droplets, air-borne and contact. The AT254 coating is effective method for suppression which are frequently touched by people.

Tested in lab, AT254 is able to reduced 61% of H1N1 within 10 mins and 98% after 8 hours. The coating can impregnate a filter and the airconditioner can be an air purifier.

AT254 suppresses viruses and exerts an antibacteria, antifungal and deordorizing effect on items such as masks, gloves, handkerchiefs, shoes and door knobs. It could basically be applied on any surface.

Tested by :


What is AT254 ?

AT254 is a safe, water based ceramic coating agent with titanium oxide. It is colourless, odourless and harmless and work to coat with only a spray gun and can be used anywhere.


Protects your environment

AT254 provides powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and deodorizing effects. It has proven effective against total of:

  • 254 organisms
  • 70 bacteria
  • 159 fungi
  • 25 algae



Japan 🇯🇵Beili University Research Institute “Newest 2020” Test Report and Results:

The anti-virus technology and performance of our company’s “ATMC” coating have a significant inhibitory effect on “Cat Intestinal Coronavirus (*Coronavirus A)”.

Note: Coronaviruses A and B (including coronaviruses that cause the common cold in humans) usually infect mammals. Many common coronaviruses that cause pet diseases, such as feline intestinal coronavirus, are type A coronaviruses.
The SARS-CoV-2 that caused the recent human COVID-19 respiratory disease outbreak is a type B coronavirus, so the basic structure between the two is very similar.


*ATMC is the main distributor in Hongkong and china for “AT254”



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